Thursday, September 23, 2010


No, pictures yet...don't ask!

So onto the post. If you really give a hoot about what I've been up to lately, then obviously you will read on....but I warn you....It might get slightly boring, and dare I say, serious! Okay, not serious, because its Anna, and the day I write a completely serious blog is the day that rats fly.

Okay, I really think I've lost something of great importance to me...I have completely lost my mind! not that I really have ever used it to it's full potential in the past...but I'd still like it back regardless. So here's my life:

Monday....wake up at 6:30 (try to get somewhat ready and awake in 10 minutes so I can arise the rest of the household, make lunch and find socks for Thomas and Sam) 6:40...2 older kids up and ready in 30 minutes (so they can practice violin and cello before school. 7:00 the 2 little girls I am watching arrive and join us in the festivities of the morning. 7:00 again....I wake up Thomas while James waits about 10 minutes to wake up...he usually is disturbed by all of the string instruments in the house. this time I have fed all children...dressed all children...have all children in mini van....pick up neighbor boy....and off to school....we race the bus because if we get stuck behind it, we are LATE for school. starts for my three oldest kids. 8:20 to 11:30....entertain 3 small children while doing various household chores. 11:00 early lunch for my babysitting girls. 11:30 pick up Thomas 12:00 drop off Miriam at Kindergarten lunch AGAIN and 1:00... practice violin with Thomas (James takes a nap somewhere in here) 1:30 Lilly naps 1:30 to 3:00....I play a never ending round of chess with Thomas(he is 4 years old) 3:10 All kids are home...Some will go to music or dance lessons after this 3:45 Lilly goes home 4:00 I make a dinner of meats or pasta or cereal (only if I haven't taken the aforementioned children to their various lessons.) 4:30...Rick is home, and we eat! 7:00 scriptures and bedtime are NEVER asleep by this time, but I wish they were 8:00....Some of the kids might be asleep. 9:00 All kids are asleep and I have CRASHED!

Tuesday.....repeat Mondays routine, but add in an early morning Cello lesson and teaching dance in the afternoon! Oh Geesh

Wednesday....repeat Monday....Clarissa has dance this day

Thursday....repeat Monday.....I get to attend my Principals of Freedom class this night! It's my favorite night!

Friday....repeat Monday, but no school for my kiddos! Friday is a good day! Thomas and Clarissa have violin in the afternoon!

As you can plainly see.....I have lost my mind, if you find it, please let me know!