Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby & Germany

I'm having a baby boy AND moving to Germany all in the same month....just a little bit nutty!  I am still optimistic that this kid can hang on until daddy can attend his birth.  My sister is back-up #1 if he is not avaliable, and I have considered hiring a doula for back-up #2 if Laura poops out on better not Laura!

4 days down......36 to go.

Never in my life did I forsee this situation for myself.....but here we are and I am determined to make it through the next month with nothing but HAPPY memories.  I refuse to look back on this whole ordeal with any bitterness.....that was the old me. 

So here I go.....with many helpers to see me through!  Mom and Dad Palfreyman, you two are just amazing.  Rick and Sarah, likewise.  Mom, you know I couldn't have scrubbed those toilets without you today!  Relief Society of my ward....seriouly, my kids would be eating nothing but cold ceral without your compassionate service. 

Good thing I have this little guy to make me smile and laugh ALL DAY!  What a ray of sunshine he is to me!