Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still no pictures...

So, I still have no pictures to share. You would think that I would just take the initiative and get them on the computer, but for some odd reason I can't bring myself to do it. Rick is the official "down loader of the pictures guy" at our house and I'm just on willing to take on one more task here at the Palfreyman homestead. While Rick was away this past year (traveling the world) I did my fair share of duties....Mom duties (ya know, basic mom stuff), Dad duties (ya know, like getting the tires rotated, cleaning out the mouse 20 times, killing INSANELY huge spiders, shoveling the 1/4 mile driveway when it snowed so hard that even the jeep couldn't get down the hill...not up...but DOWN, took care of the 2 horse-dogs in the backyard, sold 4 puppies.....there are so, so, so many other things, I can't take it all in right now), Girl Camp duties (that was just FUN, so maybe I can't count that duty), Sisterly duties (this consists of making fun of lame movies a.k.a. anything Twilight), Churchly duties (...4 kids...sacrament alone....enough said..) Daughterly duties (I just love my mom so much, and I think daughterly is a funny it is included).

So, as you can see, the pictures will have to wait.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Music is my LIFE!!

It's been a while....

Whenever I take a month or two off my blog, you can most defiantly rest assured that life is SO CRAZY! I want to post pics from all of the summer fun we have been having (D.C. trip, bear lake, family reunions...) but since I got a new camera back in June, I haven't spent the 10 minutes it might take me to figure out how to download them onto the computer....lazy you might say, well, maybe!

So back to life is completely taken over by string instruments....I often sit back and wonder how this all happened....ya know, my quest on becoming a Suzuki mom! It's not a title to be taken lightly. As a Suzuki mom you are required to take lessons yourself, sit in at every lesson your child has (and take detailed notes)...while your other children are reeking havoc in the music teachers house. In addition to weekly lessons, you are required to practice with your children AT LEAST 5 days a week, and they have a group lesson once a month on top of it all (note taking require here also). I have done this quite valiantly for Clarissa (for 3 1/2 years), and Sam (for almost 2 years), and now Thomas is to join the a Suzuki violin student in the studio of Diane Austin! (we were on a 2 year waiting list! YIKES!) So, I am making it official, I have left the ranks of a somewhat normal person and have become a COMPLETE CRAZY MOTHER!!! If you want to see my children play there beloved instruments, they will participating in a celebration concert at the Conference Center on October 17th and 7:00 are $8.00. I expect all grandparents to attend....Aunts, Uncles, and cousins are optional.