Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weeding is the worst!

Since yesterdays post was quite short and sweet, I thought that maybe today I would enlighten the world on why weeding is the worst. I actually don't mind weeding. It's the spiders and other such creatures that get to me. Latley, I have been feeling much better (Thanks to Dr. Young!) and so I've been doing A LOT of weeding this past week. Yesterday was no exception. I got my gear on (gloves, hat, sunglasses) and set out to weed by my humongus driveway. But it wasn't until about 2 hours later that I realized why this is a bad pasttime...TICKS! Yes, you heard me right....TICKS! I can hardly spell the word without chills running down my spine!!!! I got in the shower last night and BAM....found a tick on the back of my shoulder...EW EW EW EW EW EW EW....luckily Dr. Rick was home (that's my hubs, he's not really a dr. but he might as well be) so he could pry the blood sucker off my flesh. Of all the years living in Utah and comming across these beastly insects, I have NEVER actually had one in my skin! EW EW EW EW EW! I am still totally grossed out by the idea. I may never weed again. There are also snakes and black widow spiders at my house.......I need to move!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ricker's World comes to and end!

So, many of you may, or may not be aware that my husband...Rick....has been traveling the world these past 9 months for his job. You may or may not also be aware that Rick lives in an alternate universe that we affectionately call "Ricker's World". It's a magical place where everything seems bend in accordance to Rick's will. I'm not even kidding. Where else could one take a trip every month away from the crazy wife and kids. And on each and every one of these get-a-ways, you are able to do so many things that you love. Like...shoot guns of various shapes and sizes, ride in tanks, eat a lot of great food at someone else's expenses...the list goes on and on. I will not include a full diary of this travels, it will only make you jealous. So here are a few pictures from his last, but certainly not least, trip....BELGIUM AND GERMANY! A Castle
Shooting guns
happy to be shooting guns

having a date with Zev.....he is my replacement date because I had to stay home with the kiddos, but I heard it was very romantic!

Rick.... doing what a Ricker does best

In a tank, shooting guns
Serious Rick

You lucky man you!

This part was not so lucky. He had to get stitches in the middle of the night in Kuwait. Smacked his head on a locker....OUCH!
So there is the short version of the last 9 months. All I can say is, I made it!!!! But with only much help from THE BEST mother-in-law a girl could as for! Thanks Neta for treating me like your own daughter! I am truly blessed to be a part of your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!