Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick is another update...

Laura's (my sis) baby...well almost 2-year-old is THE CUTEST little girl ever. Oh Mae Mae! We've been babysitting her lately! SO FUN!!

Sam has glassed now too????!!!!!

Clarissa is performing in an opera tonight. Her school class wrote this wonderful piece of musical madness! It's all about princesses and knights, dragons, and should be pretty funny! Clarissa is a knight (because of lack of boys in her class). I will post pictures later!

Thomas and James...still my handsome little guys.

Rick is preparing for a trip to Kuwait (SP??) I am NOT excited for him to be there :(

I am good...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time for Toast...I mean post...

I suppose that it is time for me to update the world on the Palfreyman Family goes nothing!

not much going on here.

Well, there has been some excitement, but it mostly stems from the fact that Rick's world traveling will be coming to and end soon. June is the magical month where Rick and I are taking ALL four of the kids to Washington D.C. for his big graduation from the Executive Leadership Training....blah blah....all I know is that he will be DONE!!!! Yay for Ricker!!! But mostly.... Yay for me and my sanity!

Okay now an update on the kids....

Clarissa continues strong on the fiddle! She performs every chance she is a blessing beyond compare, she is so happy!!!! She entered the ever popular 4-eyes club 2 weeks ago...and very proud of it! She looks more like me with her "lavender" spectacles!

Sam....well, Sam is always busy inventing whatever his clever little mind can think up! Last week he was perfecting his, he was building robots!?! He his OBSESSED with planets, the moon, the sun....he was quite put out when he heard that Pluto is no longer a planet! He wants me to tell him how many days it takes Jupiter to rotate around the sun....and can't believe it when I tell him i have NO idea. His latest obsession has been all about BLACK HOLES....we watch a lot of NOVA at our house!

Thomas....still is the cutest 4 year old I know! Take that all you other 4 years olds reading this blog! Thomas is our designated chicken guy. He takes 99% of the responsibility for the chickens. Sometimes I forget that he is only 4. He has a fair amount of chores everyday like vacuuming the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher, chicken duties, making his bed, playing with James, the list goes on and on and on and on and on.......

James...crawling, drooling, eating various objects on the floor, trying to walk (at 8 months)!! Sure beats Thomas....he was 17 months when he finally decided to walk!

Anna, yes I am one of the kids! Just trying to make it through each day with my temper in check....a skill I dare anyone of you to acquire...quite difficult, especially with 4 kids! I have been de-junking, organizing and D.I.-ing the house...just in case Rick moves us halfway around the world...we shall see!

Till next time...