Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool Cat, Terrific Trains, Merry Mother's Day, and Awesome Opera!

I love our cat. Our cat is one cool cat. So cool it doesn't even have a name. We got her fixed, so I suppose we will keep her. One fine Saturday in April, we found our aforementioned cat sleeping in the ice cream bucket we use for her water. And here she is....Cat (our 4th since we moved here 5 1/2 years ago. We go through cats like ice cream.)

Spring break...Ricker is traveling the world....what's a mom to do with 4 board-to-death kids. Train Museum! I was skeptical at first...I thought it was going to be lame, but lame or not, we were going. But it turned out to be a fantastic day!

Thomas on the train.
Clarissa and Sam enjoying their time on the caboose.

James is not feeling well....or someone spiked his bottle?

Trains are cool too, maybe as cool as our cat!


Below are some Mother's Day extravaganza pics. Notice that James in quite unimpressed over his plate from Kuwait....I'm glad that was his mothers day present and not mine!!
I got some pretty sweet gifts...marble chess set, chacos, a letter of love from my lover dover (aka Rick), kids hand prints in clay, more lovely letters, marble goblets from Kuwait (very cool!)

It's Opera time for Rissa in Tre-mon-ton! Clarissa was cast as knight in her school Opera. At first she was a little put out that she was not a princess, but when she discovered that the reason for her knighthood was due to the fact that they needed her loud and always in-tune singing voice to carry those knights through the finale....she accepted with a shown below.

Clarissa is second from the left.

Clarissa in the middle!

We have a good life...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy Mayzy

The month on May (so far) has been challenging on many levels...

Level husband spent a week in Kuwait where he only called me once! I did not like this week so much. I think that if you are going to spend a week sleeping in tents with the military in the middle of a should be able to call home more than once, but that's just me.

Level 2....Clarissa has spent the past 2 months getting her song ready for mother's day sacrament meeting. She played in a string quartet "Love One Another" and played beautifully as 1 violin....the hard part is that I get INSANELY nervous before she performs. I don't know why. She always does so well....just a mom thing I guess!?!

Level 3....Sam is preparing for his recital (cello) which is next week! Again....I get so nervous! I can't help myself.

Level 4...Rick is leaving AGAIN! He is preparing for a 2 week trip to Europe, mostly Belgium and Germany. have any of you ever spent so much time alone with 4 small children? I am in panic mode right now!

Level 5...I am getting a series of ultrasounds to figure out what the heck is wrong with me! My thyroid is not producing enough of the hormone it is suppose to produce, my iron is so low that I might need injections, and, well other things I'd rather not mention! HOLY MOLY!

Level 6...Meetings for church and Clarissa's school span the entire month.

I seriously do not have a clue how this is all going to happen, but I will make it through....somehow! If you need anything from Anna, please do not ask until June! My life is a little full at the moment.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ducky Fun James Wames!!

I just had to share some naked pictures of James in the tubby, just chewing away on his duckies!

I love this looks like another duck is perched on his head! haha are so STINKIN cute baby!