Wednesday, September 12, 2012

May.....the first week

         This was a very nervous time for the kids.....trying to figure out where in the world the bus stop was.  They do things a little differently here in Germany. (the kids go to a school on base, so nothing TOO crazy)  They have to catch the bus down the hill from where we live, and when I say "down the hill", I'm not talking about the hill we lived on in Tree-town, no no no no....., this hill is down 4 or 5 street levels and across a main highway (they actually walk under the highway to get to the bus stop every morning @ 7:15....we are the second to the last stop too!).  It takes the kids a good 10 minutes to walk there, then they hop on a city bus and head school!

This concludes our first week in a foreign land....

Across the street from our home is a few acres of wilderness awesomness!

Jay-Way, being Craz-ay!

Thomas....being his usual self....


"Why is my card pink?" said a disgruntled Thomas.  

Not going to lie, I was so scared to send the kids to wait for a bus here all by themselves.  But then, I noticed a 7 year old German boy waiting for the city bus to take him across the city to his violin lesson at a University....I had nothing to worry about!!  

The softer side of Ricker

Our Dr. Seuss tree in front of our home.....wish I could somehow bring it back to Utah with me!

AHHHHHH!  I love these boys so much!!!

Oh my freaking cuteness!  


  1. Oh my gosh, i love it! James is so stinkin hilarious!!! Its gorgeous there. I hope you guys are having as much fun as it looks like you are. Love love love it.

  2. That is crazy with the whole bus being DOWN the hill. We are so used to the buses here coming to us. James is adorable!